VoxSun Referral Program

Conference Better, Together

Recent months have shown us just how critical voice and video communications are—and VoxSun’s technology can help.

As a VoxSun customer, you understand this. We know that you chose VoxSun because you demand more out of your phone and videoconferencing systems. 

Don’t your friends and business contacts also deserve the best?

We believe that they do! Your friends and business contacts can also benefit from optimizing their productivity all while saving money for their businesses. We now have an easy way for you to share VoxSun's solutions with them all while being rewarded...

Want More VoxSun for Less? Refer Your Friends

With VoxSun’s new referral program, when you refer your friends or business contacts, you’ll get rewarded. For each person who joins VoxSun, you’ll receive either one phone extension or one additional phone line for 12 months—your choice and completely free! Your referred client will receive the same. Let's say you refer only one friend or one business contact per month; this provides savings of up to $4318.56 per year!

Referrals are a quick way to huge savings.

Advantages of VoxSun’s Referral Program

Choosing VoxSun is choosing a better way to connect with your customers and employees and grow your business—without compromising quality.

Unlimited Rewards

Rewards are unlimited, whether you refer 2 people or 200 people.

Anyone Can Get Rewarded

Anyone – whether you’re a current VoxSun customer or not – can get rewarded through VoxSun’s referral program. If you’re not a current VoxSun customer, what better way to join VoxSun yourself than for free after you’ve built up a referral or two?

A Quick Way to Savings

By simply referring one person, you’ll receive one phone extension or one additional phone line, valued at up to $29.99 every month! The person you referred will receive the same, making it a win-win.

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